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It all began at SINKOR CHAPEL, MONROVIA LIBERIA at about 8.40pm (Liberian time) on Thursday March 18, 1971. On this memorable night, a young man by the name C.I. Onyenadum fell into a trance during an evening prayer meeting. He fell into a state of being mentally alert and yet experiencing things beyond the physical.Here, he got the call into the ministry:

1. To return to Nigeria so as to reach Assemblies of God children in the Universities and other higher institutions with the gospel, teachings, and instructions so that they do not derail and depart from the faith after their training and education.
2. To teach the Assemblies of God children to remainb loyal to the Assemblies of God Church.
3. To evangelize the campus community and win other students to Christ.
It was on this night that CASOR was born. CASOR was not founded in Nigeria but was born in Sinkor Chapel, Monrovia Liberia.

Mr. C.I. Onyenadum was born by good and highly commended Assemblies of God preacher-parents. He received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues in 1949. He was a recognizable christian who took active part in church-related activities until he derailed. At Sinkor Chapel, Monrovia Liberia, He got the calling and his life totally changed to reach out to the youths who must have derailed the way he did and to souls that have not known Christ.


In June that same year (1971), after three months of dialogue with the Lord whether he should return to Nigeria or remain stubborn to the call, he boarded the ship, MV NNAMDI AZIKIWE and sailed from the port of Monrovia back to Nigeria, having been barred from his trip to Amsterdam; his destination in his pursuit of educational laurels. He returned to carry on the Sinkor Vision. Having been directed back to the Assemblies of God and in other to have a strong ministerial base (for the craze of Founder/President was still in the womb), he forwarded a memorandum to the Executive Committee of the Assemblies of God Nigeria during its meeting of September, 1971. In this memorandum, he formerly briefed the Executive Committee on his call and vision and requested its blessing and mandate to go into campus ministry under the auspices of the Church. He got directed by the Committee to first get trained as a Pastor! Meanwhile, he had begun to fulfil the Sinkor Vision by becoming an itinerant evangelist. He visited schools and churches with Emma Uche, now Barrister E.O.N. Uche who served as his interpreter. He shared his testimony with students and members for his call into the ministry was spectacular. He started the ministry of CASOR from his village house in Umueledi, Old Umuahia of Abia State in Nigeria. The ministry was first called CHI ALPHA (Greek for CHRIST AMBASSADORS). Because of its tongu-twisting nature, he changed the name to ASSEMBLIES OF GOD ADVANCED STUDENTS NATIONAL CONVENTION (AGASTUNAC). In the same year, he and Barr. E. Uche bagan the circulation of magazine called the PENTECOSTAL AWAKENING which they produced and published. The magazine died when he enrolled full-time in the Assemblies of God Bible College, Old Umuahia in Nigeria in 1972. From 1972 - 1974 he was put on hold and the ministry was continued by letter-writing with students by the then General Council Christ Ambassadors director who received inspiration from his blue-print to the Executive Committee.
It was only after Onyenadum's graduation from Bible College in 1974 that the Executive Committee thought it timely to give himfull mandate to pursue and fulfil the Sinkor Vision. The Executive Committee renamed the ministry the CHRIST AMBASSADORS STUDENTS' OUT-REACH (CASOR) and officially appointed Onyenadum C.I. as the first director in January, 1975. In April, 1975, four months later, he moved the make-shift headquarters of CASOR from Old Umuahia to Nsukka. The aim was to use the University of Nigeria as a springboard and raise CASOR there as a model. It was from Nsukka that what constituted CASOR secretariat and administration made up of his wife (whom he married in 1973) and him (Onyenadum), launched out to lay the foundation of a global edifice now CASOR Nigeria. By the end of 1976, they had established CASOR roots in nine (9) centers:
1. University of Nigeria, Nsukka
2. University of Ibadan
3. Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri
4. Lagos chapter at 111 Clegg Street, Surulere, Lagos for all tertiary institutions within the metropolis
5. Port Harcourt chapter at 105 Aggrey Road, Port Harcourt for all tertiary institutions within the metropolis
6. Calabar chapter at 98 Nelson Mandela Street, Calabar for all tertiary institutions within the metropolis
7. University of Jos, Jos
8. Ado Bayero University (now Bayero University), Kano
9. University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife.

Though the operational base was the University of Nigeria where the roll-call was considerably large, the University of Ibadan caught the fire due to the untiring effort of its foundation members and consequently became the first CASOR chapter to be accorded full campus ministry status and recognition. The chapters as were established by Onyenadum C.I. and his wife flourished until 1977 when he personally chose the late Rev. C. Aniemeke as his successor and handed the baton of CASOR ministry to him. Onyenadum C.I. is presently a Rev. Pastor of the Assemblies of God Nigeria.

Presently, CASOR can be found in almost all higher institutions and secondary schools in Nigeria and in West African countries.

The CASOR logo comprises of the cross, the bible, the hat and the ring.
THE CROSS: portrays the death and ressurrection of the Lord Jesus of which CASOR holds to reach out.
THE BIBLE: portrays the Word of God of which CASOR stands
THE HAT: portrays the academic world of which CASOR operates
THE RING: portrays the encompassing of the three above under the name CHRIST AMBASSADORS STUDENTS' OUT-REACH


These are blue and white.
BLUE: represents the LOVE of our Lord Jesus Christ
WHITE: represents the PEACE of our Lord Jesus Christ


... be ye reconciled to God 2 Corinthians 5:20

CASOR University of Lagos Started in January, 1985. The chapter was then under the Lagos metroplis zone which was established in 1976 at Assemblies of God, 111 Clegg Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

The first executive meeting was held on the 21st of October 1985. Present at the meeting were :

D. Ayosie - Ex.Officio
Abraham Oba - Ex.Officio
I. Akanno - P.R/Org
Anyanwu B.C. - Sec.Gen
Kassim M. - Prayer Sec.
Okoro O.K. - President
Ugo Uka - V. President


1986/1987 Executives
Felix Orumwense - Pres.
Iwu Ikwuobuzor - Sec/Org
Ugo Uka - V. President
Rena Etim - Prayer Sec.

1987/1988 Executives
Dare Daniels - President
Ugo Uka - V.President

1988/1989 Executives
Sanni Sunday - President
Thomas I. - Pray.Sec.
Andrew - Secretary
G. Azu - Visit. Sec.
Nnenna - V. President
Joshua - Pub. Sec.
Samsa - Bible Sec.

1989/1990 Executives
Sanni Sunday - President
Andrew - Secretary
Nnenna - V. President

1990/1991 Executives
Prince - President
Andrew - Sec.
Ugo Uche - V. President
Clement - Bible/Lib.Sec
A. Evie - Pray.Sec.
Kate - Pub/Visit Sec.

1991/1992 Executives
Tony Evie - President
Ugo uche - V. President
A. Ikekhide - Gen.Sec
Mark Chaba - Pray.Sec.
Chijor J. - Bible Sec.
R. Ejiogu - Evang. Sec.
V. Oghenovo - Visit.
Osita Nwaogbo - P.R.O.

1995/1996 Executives
Morris Cerulos - President
Sunmonu Monday - Evang.

1996/1997 Executives
Daniel Ighodalo - President

1997/1998 Executives
Monday - President
T. Gboyega
Kunle Akintayo
Unyime Eyo

1998/1999 Executives
Thomas G. - President
Cookey Lorretta - V.Pres.
Nwadiashi N. - Bible
Oliseh M. - P.R.O.
Adeyeye F. - Music
Iyabo - Gen.Sec.
Kehinde - Sunday Sch.
Ogunbiyi S. - Welfare

1999/2000 Executives
Ndaji Enyinnaya - Pres.
Lorretta Cookey - V.Pres.
Femi O. - Sec.Gen.
J. Nwokolo - Bible Sec.
Alasa T. - Visit.Sec.
Ahaiwe Esther - Sun.Sch.
Chinwe N. - Prayer Sec
Mary - Evang.
Celestine J. - P.R.O.
Fadeke A. - Music
Kelechi Godfrey - Drama
M. Adejo - Org Sec.
Aduke O. - Lib.Sec
W. Egwuekwe - Broths'Cd.
ThankGod O. - Asst.Org.
M. Adebanjo - Asst.Music
E. Onyeike - Asst.Pub.
Joy O. - Usher

2000/2001 Executives
Ndaji Enyinnaya - Pres.
Alunyo Victoria - V.Pres.
Monisola - Asst.V.Pres.
Ahaiwe Esther - Sec.Gen.
J. Nwokolo - Bible Sec.
Alasa Thomas - Visit.Sec.
Tunji - Sunday Sch.
Chinwe N. - Pray.
Ekperigin P. - Evang.
Celestine J. - P.R.O.
Fadeke A. - Music
Kelechi Godfrey - Drama
M. Adejo - Org Sec.
Aduke O. - Lib.Sec
Williams E. - Broths'Cd.
ThankGod O. - Asst.Org.
Chucks A. - Asst.Music
E. Onyeike - Asst.Sec
Joy O. - Usher
O. Joy - Asst. usher
J.Mpamugo - Fund raising

2001/2002 Executives
Ndaji Enyinnaya - Pres.
Alunyo Victoria - V.Pres.
Ahaiwe Esther - Sec.Gen.
Akadu H. - Bible Sec.
Alasa T.- Visit.Sec.
Aziegbe S. - Sun.Sch.
A. Ajayi - Prayer
Ekperigin P. - Evang.
Celestine J. - P.R.O
Jane Ukele - Music
Kelechi Godfrey - Drama
Michael Adejo - Org Sec.
Ngozi Nwankwo - Lib.Sec
Williams E. - Broths'Cd.
ThankGod O. - Asst.Org.
Chucks A.- Asst.Music
E. Onyeike - Asst.Sec
Joy O. - Usher
O. Joy - Asst. usher
Bukky T. - Asst Visit.Sec
Adewale P. - Asst Visit.
Omo - Asst. Drama Sec

2002/2003 Executives
Godfrey K. - President
Ekejiuba P. - V.Pres.
Bambo B. - Gen.Sec.
O. Bolanle - Asst.Sec
Ajayi S. - Bible Sec.
Awe David - Pray.Sec
Grace J. - Visit.Sec
E. Churchill - Org.Sec
Adeola - Evang.Sec
Affor Mercy - P.R.O.
Ukele jane - Music Sec
Ekum M. - Asst.P.R.O.
Ehidieme - Asst.Evang.
Agwa Paul - Band Leader
Joan - Asst.Pray.Sec
Queen - Chief Usher
A. Ibukun - Decoratns
Stanley - Asst.Org.Sec
Sylvester A. - Broths'Cd.
Akpan C. - Sun.Sch.Sec.
Tolulope - Libr.Sec.
Ogbonna K. - Fund R.
Marc J. - Asst. Fund R.
Emeka O. - Asst.Music
Adepetu F. - Transpt.